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Grow your Linkedin connections to expand your network

Supercharge your Linkedin visibility by expanding your connection network.

Getting more connections on Linkedin will help you to expand your reach with the audience and it will strengthen your influencer status. With our service you can connect to more people with huge networks that add hundreds of thousands of 2nd-degree and tens of millions of 3rd-degree connections to your professional network.

SMMNerds Common Question

Why should you Buy Linkedin connections?

On Linkedin, anybody can search for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd-degree networks. For example, if you have 100 direct LinkedIn connections, and each one of those people has 100 connections too. That makes your 2nd-degree network 10.000 people. If each of those people has 100 connections too, that makes your 3rd-degree network 1 million people.Linkedin has over 500 million global users around the world and more than 200 million U.S members! It means that even if you have 1 million people in your network, you are hidden from the other 499 million users, missing out on 99.98% of job and business opportunities!

Express Delivery

After the transaction process, you will start receiving new invitations on Linkedin. It is the fastest way to grow your Linkedin connection network.We believe in providing 100% customer satisfaction, and ensure to avoid any delay in the delivery. Our experts make use of special tools to keep track of our client orders so that we can deliver your connections on time.

Real Users Connections

Our services are genuine and real. So rest assured, you will start receiving invitations from real people all around the world. It will get you connected with people having similar professional networks as yours.

Grow Your Network Exponentially

You will be getting Linkedin connections having the big networks already. When you connect with them, their connection becomes part of your 2nd and 3rd degree LinkedIn network!


Here we offer you the best prices for getting genuine Instagram likes. And also you have the option to customize your own plan. We believe in providing the best services to our clients, irrespective of their budget. Depending on requirements, we deploy the best possible services in all different sizes.

Privacy & Safety

You can always count on us for providing safe and secure services to our users. We had a secure platform to manage transactions without any need for personal information during the time of registration/orders. Also, we make sure to never share our clients’ information with any third parties, so you can stay confident when working with SMMnerds.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Our Service Works?

  • Place your order: First select fittest plan to purchase Linkedin connection. After the confirmation process is done, you can proceed with the payment.
  • Submit your account: Besides your Linkedin account, you don’t need to share any other information. And you will automatically start getting invitations in some time.
  • Sit Back & Enjoy: Get yourself relaxed while accepting all your connections as lets you accept multiple invitations together with a single click.

Is it safe to buy instant Linkedin connection service?

Yes, it's totally fine to buy Instant LinkedIn Connections. You won’t be getting into any trouble because you have new connections. LinkedIn doesn’t care about the invitations you receive and accept; they care only about the invitations you send. If you send too many invitations and too fast, that can get your profile into trouble, but accepting invitations is perfectly safe. Not a single customer ever got into trouble because of our service.

Is buying Linkedin connections will help you to get more invites to connect?

Yes, after making the purchase, you will start receiving invitations on Linkedin. You just need to accept those invitations to connect with them all. In Linkedin you don’t have to accept them one by one, as you can do that in batches of 10 by clicking the “Select all” button on the top of the invitation list.

Can I decide how many connections needed for my posts?

Yes, you can! We provide services based on the requirement and budget of our clients. Based on your requirements, you can pick out the best plan in your budget.

What about the user’s privacy?

In SMMNerds we care about the privacy of our users and wouldn’t share their information with third parties. Also we didn’t ask for any personal information or passwords of your accounts. As you know the process of purchasing likes and followers is quite simple and after the payment of order, you will automatically start receiving more traffic and engagement on your social media accounts.

Customer Reviews

Best Linkedin connection service I have ever used. Simply amazed with their fast delivery. Would surely recommend it!

It really helped to get an instant boost of exposure for our business on Linkedin. Getting more connections helped us to get better reach and views to our Linkedin posts.

Our posts are getting more likes and views on Linkedin. Thanks to the amazing service of SMMNerds!